Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Exodus: Gods and Kings"

Take a look @ 'the good, the bad and the ugly' in director Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods and Kings":

Michael Stevens/SneakPeek.Ca For 'The Good'

"No spoilers intended, but most of us already know how this story unfolds, with director Ridley Scott delivering action adventure along the lines of 'Gladiator', with epic 3D sequences involving horses, chariots and thousands of ancient warriors.

"The recreation of ancient Egypt through the efforts of hundreds of digital artists is visually impressive throughout the entire film, depicting David Lean-like arid deserts, the Egyptian city of 'Memphis', a series of horrific plagues, tidal waves and cosmic weather anomalies.

"Criticism leveled at the film for using 'white' actors in main roles is unfounded, as actor Christian Bale delivers the goods (speaking English not Egyptian) in his depiction of 'Moses' aka 'Moishe', evolving from a self-assured 'royal' fighting machine, to a more humble, man of God.

"Likewise Joel Edgerton is creatively cast as blue-eyed reptilian ruler 'Ramses', whose legendary ancestors the 'Anunnaki' were the first demi-god Pharaohs of the thousand year Egyptian dynasties...

"...stealing most of his scenes, torn between his evil duties as a despotic monarch and boyhood friend of Moses.

"Most of this visually beautiful film is accentuated by a great chanting, spiritual score by Alberto Iglesias, especially during some tender love scenes.

Graf Orlok For 'The Bad'

"Yes Michael, I agree there is a sweet love affair betwen Moishe (Bale) and his wife 'Zipporah' (Maria Valverde), but also between Ramses and his wife 'Nefertari' (Golshifteh Farahani).

"Director Scott restrains himself from showing too much gore, but there are some terrific chariot scenes alongside sheer cliffs...

"...large-scale oceanic drownings, plus carnivorous crocodile feeding frenzies, etc., where I can only imagine director Steven Spielberg standing up in a movie theater shouting...

"'This is the kind of Indiana Jones movie I want to make'."

Jane Doberman For 'The Ugly'

"The sight of actor John Turturro as Egyptian Pharaoh 'Seti' is about as ridiculous as it gets, as if 'Everett' from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' was caught swishing around in his housecoat wearing eye make-up.

"I was also waiting in anticipation for Ramses (Edgerton), chewing up the scenery like 'Captain Bligh', to either strangle, smother or crush in the eyeballs of his father 'Seti, a device director Scott usually falls back on in movies featuring 'father-son-relationships' like 'Blade Runner' and 'Gladiator'. 

"Then there's 'Breaking Bad' actor Aaron Paul as 'Joshua' looking suitably slavish in the sweaty style of the day, but incredibly underused throughout the entire film, relegated to mostly flaring his nostrils.

"And what's with Christan Bale as Moses, after he becomes 'enlightened', suddenly talking like the father of 'Krusty the Clown' from 'The Simpsons' ?

"Final thought: Just like producers killed the ending of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2', by tagging on a teaser of the 'Rhino' AFTER the natural ending of the film, here also, producers refuse to end their film on a sweet note between Moishe and his wife, instead going for an ending that teases the supernatural qualities of the 'Ark Of The Covenant'...

"'OMG: Gods and Kings 2' ???..."

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