Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Gone Girl"

Take a look @ the 'good, the bad and the ugly' in director David Fincher's "Gone Girl", starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike:

Michael Stevens/SneakPeek.Ca for 'The Good':

"I was intrigued by actress Rosamund Pike's Grace Kelly-like housewife, who visually warps into a devious personality. 

"Actor Tyler Perry is audience-friendly as smug, smiling attorney 'Tanner Bolt'.

"Actress Kim Dickens seems a natural as the reassuring and professional 'Detective Rhonda Boney' .

"Actress Emily Ratajkowski stole my heart as the luscious and needy mistress 'Andie Fitzgerald'. 

"I also enjoyed the music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross showcased (and amplified) throughout the film.

Graf Orlok for 'The Bad': 

"Michael, I agree that actress Emily Ratajkowski  ("Blurred Lines") is a sweet surprise in this film.

"I also dug Rosamund Pike as 'Amy Elliott-Dunne' being loved-up by Affleck's repulsive character. 

"But sorry gang, I did NOT get off on the bloody, murderous sex between Rosamund Pike's character and the creepy, pinky-ringed dim-wit 'Desi Collings' played by Neil Patrick Harris. Ecch... 

"...(believe it or not I am a clean-loving, bubble-bath, flowers, sunshine, cozy quilt kind of guy !)

Jane Doberman for 'The Ugly':

"Actor Ben Affleck is believable as a hot-headed whiny, pot-bellied lout, spitting out rapid-fire inaudible dialogue. 

"Aside from the blatant product placement, I really don't get the appeal of this film that adapts a book that pushes, then vilifies a woman on the edge, who only goes nuts after finding out her husband is a lying, two-timing dick.

"And I agree with Graf (shudder) that this film has a most obnoxious crime scene that really exemplifies how degenerate, pornographic and misogynistic Hollywood 'thrillers' have become.