Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Kingsman: The Secret Service"

Take a look @ "..the good, the bad and the ugly..." in director Matthew Vaughn's "Kingsman: The Secret Service", starring Colin Firth:

Michael Stevens/SneakPeek.Ca for 'The Good' :

"Based on the 'graphic' graphic novel series by Mark Millar of "Kick-Ass" fame, director Matthew Vaughn's amusing take on the spy-film genre, takes delight in adapting the story of a gentlemen-run clandestine organization that recruits a 'Marty McFly'-like son (Taron Egerton) of a top field agent killed in the line of duty...

"...into a "My Fair Lady" transformative, ultra-competitive training program... 

"...while a global threat emerges from a lisping, tech criminal named 'Valentine' (Samuel L. Jackson).

"Colin Firth as 'Agent Harry Hart' aka ''Galahad', steals most of the film's thunder...

"... as a slimmer, dapper version of brolly-swinging Brit super spy 'Steed' from the 1960's "Avengers" TV series...

"...with deadly gadgets and expert fighting skills, delivered in a deliberately over the top, authoritative style.

"There are also able performances from Michael Caine and Mark Strong, topped off with a subversively cheeky ending..."

Graf Orlok for 'The Bad' :

"Colin Firth is mannequin-perfect, impeccably groomed and pin-striped tailored, throughout several energetic action sequences, with his tossed hair and wide eyes effortlessly rolling with the punches.

"The vicious character of female bodyguard 'Gazelle' struts around like a chicken on razor-sharp, slice 'n dice blade-runner legs...

"...with her intro in the film swearing me off deli sandwiches for years to come.

"Most of the action sequences are boldly executed, but I never felt that same absurd rush I got from 'Hit-Girl' fighting bad guys in "Kick-Ass", to the sounds of the 'Banana Splits'. 

"However if you are more fascinated than disturbed by depictions of brutal death, including "Scanners"-like exploding head-shots, set to the tune of 'ironically-funny' music, then this bud is for you.

"There is also an attractive damsel in distress tossed into the mix, but I didn't see the 'ending' of this film as a 'James Bond' guy gets the girl sign-off, or even a Benny Hill cheap sex gag, but more of a visual 'piss-off'' to society in general..."

Jane Doberman for 'The Ugly':

"For me, the real problem with this film is the way it revels in its admittedly 'sick' cartoon violence, coupled to the bad timing of its release during a time when real-life news headlines, images and videos scream atrocities around the globe.

"Included in this 'entertainment' is a disturbing massacre sequence, where mind-controlled Colin Firth's gun-wielding character feverishly takes out a Church full of bigots...

"Then there is a "Scanners" homage where numerous 'heads of state' explode into smithereens, plus a performance by Mark Hamill, almost unrecognizable as a bagged out character.

"And I wouldn't call the bare behind sex ending of the film, either 'cheeky' or a 'piss off'.

"More along the lines of  'kiss my ass'..."