Saturday, February 21, 2015

"American Sniper"

Take a look @ "...the good, the bad and the ugly..." in director Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller:


"In this pulse-pounding action feature, actor Bradley Cooper, eerily inhabits the role of patriotic Navy SEAL 'Chris Kyle', with a steely determination in his eyes that gives way to a WTF expression whenever he pauses to think about what his dangerous job entails...

"...embodying his father's flashback wish for him to be a protective 'sheepdog', rather than a predator wolf preying on the weak, or an innocent sheep waiting to be led to slaughter.

"Director Eastwood deftly drops the viewer into the heart of darkness on several tours of duty with Kyle, as we share his moral responsibilities in the use of deadly force and power, plus the struggles veteran soldiers have to deal with on and off the battlefield. 

"The metallic high-tech sounds of Kyle firing his 'Lapua Magnum-chambered McMillan TAC-338' sniper rifle, is as unique-sounding as director Sergio Leone's single action army revolvers, or "Dirty Harry" director Don Siegel's .44 'Magnum Smith & Wesson', with each precision shot felt in the gut thanks to DOLBY and AVX sound.

"Although the film supports America's volunteer troops, anti-war sentiment is also addressed, including Kyle going berserk on a (weapons-hiding) villager and his children during a shared meal...

"...or showing an impoverished citizenry defending themselves from both local and international invaders.

"Sienna Miller is wonderful as usual, blossoming into Kyle's strong-willed wife 'Taya'.

"Comic book references include a fellow soldier reading a "Punisher" graphic novel, that inspires Kyle to emblazon the distinctive skull logo of the character on the back of his jacket.

"There is also a sad ending to the Chris Kyle story, that Eastwood respectfully does not show..."


"I agree Michael, that Sienna Miller as 'Taya' is lovely throughout the film, either as a tough, sexy single girl, pregnant mother or suburban, long-suffering wife, who never refuses her husband the love that he needs.

"Eastwood also introduces a sensual (?) scene with Kyle as a 'cowboy' surprising his wife by aiming a pistol at her, then letting it drape over her butt during a slow embrace. 

"Bradley Cooper, obviously juiced up with extra muscle weight for the role, looks as solid as a brick shit house, with all the right moves as a Navy SEAL.

"And (not to condone cinematic violence), from a technical point-of-view, the splatter spray following every bullet hit owes more to the Zapruder film's JFK headshot, than the slo-mo squibs of Sam Peckinpah..."


"I was a bit disturbed by the sight of a pregnant 'Taya' (Miller) in the hospital for an ultra-sound, wearing a prosthetic, veiny, ugly  'baby bump' that looked like something out of Rick Baker's monster shop. Likewise their prop newborn baby that Kyle cuddles in his arms.

"Also what could have been a great last battle climax, is so murky with sand and smoke and bad lighting, I thought I was watching a one-eyed dream sequence from one of Guy Maddin's films.

"But there is no doubt that Bradley Cooper is an endearing actor, looking at times like a good-natured John Goodman, but when his cheek is cradled against his sniper rifle, more like 'Rocket Raccoon' from "Guardians Of The Galaxy"..."

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